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Early notification of 2023 hat standard change

From 1 January 2023, BRC will no longer be accepting two hat standards and will therefore need to re-tag hats. In order
to ensure riders are wearing the most up-to-date riding hats, please note that from the 1 January 2023, the following hat standards will no longer be accepted, due to the age of hats made to these standards:

1. PAS  O15 1998

2. SNELL 2001

A new colour of hat tag will be required for BE, PC and BRC from 1 January 2023.


Super early notification of 2025 Body Protector standard change

It is anticipated for body protectors that BRC will continue to accept the 2009 BETA Purple labels until 1 Jan 2025.
After this time they will not be accepted in BRC XC competitions where they are a mandatory requirement.


BHS and BRC Flu Vaccination Shortage Statement

The equestrian world is in the midst of an unprecedented equine influenza vaccination shortage which has been caused
by supply chain issues with one of the major vaccine manufacturers. Please click the link below for further information.

BHS and BRC Flu Vaccination Statement - 06/09/22


British Riding Clubs 2022 Hat Rules and Tagging

For 2022, the requirement remains for all BRC members to have their hats tagged with an AQUA hat tag before
competing in any BRC Qualifiers or Championships. For further information please see the current 2022 BRC
Handbook or click the link below to download the 2022 Hat Tagging guide.

2022 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors


hat rules and tagging


Body Protector Reminder (Updated September 2018)

As from 1 January 2018 a BETA Level 3 2000 purple label will no longer be accepted. Body protectors must meet
BETA Level 3 2009 purple label or after. The ONLY exception to the requirement for a BETA Level 3 2009 purple
label is that Exo Body Cages will continue to be accepted, provided they have a BETA Level 3 2000 purple label.
Riders wearing Exo Body Cage protectors must inform the secretary at all events. Body protectors should
be fitted and worn as per the manufacturer's instructions.

BRC Body Protector Guide 2018


New BRC Events & Classes for 2018

Brand new BRC Arena Eventing Championships for Juniors & Seniors, 70cm-100cm,
teams and individuals. The Qualifiers will start from 1 Oct 2018
Grassroots pure dressage direct entry classes at the Dressage to Music Championships.
Have a go at a Championship venue and enjoy the atmosphere.
Direct entry pure dressage for veteran horses & riders as at the National Championships
Direct entry classes for retrained racehorses at the Dressage to Music Championships
New Pairs Dressage to Music Championship class with a higher level eligibility
100 & 110cm Show Jumping at the Intermediate Winter Championships
BRC BE League to include both Novice and Intermediate level
Veteran Rider & Horse dressage at Elementary/Medium Pick a Test at National Championships
Grassroots training for 2018 will focus on dressage and these dates will be advertised in January.


BRC Interdressage Online Winter League 2017/2018

The BRC Interdressage Winter League has just started, with lots of monthly tests in dressage, style jumping
and showing to take part in, via videoing and submitting tests online. All undertaken without the need to travel
to a venue or get dressed up to compete. A great way to practice and get some top tips during the winte
months. For further information visit the Interdressage website.






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