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north ryedale riding club 2014 results
Exciting events & competitions are staged through out the year...



Cumulative Trophies Results


Juniors Intro
1. Lorrie Marshall
2. Anna Skaife
2. Emily Grayson
3. Katie Cockshott
3. Hannah Dring (piko)
4. Hannah Dring (arnie)

Juniors Prelim
1. Charlotte Friday
2. Lizzie Ball
3. Zoe Johnson
4. Anna Skaife

Seniors Intro
1. Louise Bullock
2. Cassie Jackson
2. Nichola Allen
3. Michelle McCarthy
4. Julie Johnson
5. Charlotte Lawson
5. Pippa Biglin
6. Sarah Monkman
6. Ellie Grayson

Seniors Prelim
1. Pippa Biglin
2. Michelle McCarthy
3. Sarah Monkman
4. Chris Steele
4. Penny Biglin
5. Charlotte Lawson
6. Tina Bennett
6. Catherine Fairburn

Novice Senior
1. Pippa Biglin
1. Penny Biglin
2. Tina Bennett
2. Jennifer Bauchop

Novice Junior
1. Charlotte Fryday






Show Jumping

Junior 55cm
1. Matthew Grayson
2. Emily Grayson
3. Hannah Dring

Senior 55cm
1. Louise Bullock
2. Kirsty Ashworth
3. Tracy Hunter

Junior 65cm
1. Grace Wood

Senior 65cm
1. Nichola Allen
2. Janet Wintringham
3. Kirsty Ashworth

Junior 75cm
1. Grace Wood
2. Ethan Smith

Senior 75cm
1. Janet Wintringham
2. Nichola Allen

No Junior 85cm

Senior 85cm
1. Danielle Stocks

In addition to these we have a helpers trophy which we give to someone who has done something outstanding
or which goes un-noticed by most - this year the trophy was presented to Michelle McCarthy.

Finally, we have a riders trophy which is given to a junior one year and a senior the next. It is given again to
someone who has particularly tried hard or done something special - this year it was presented to Paul
Edwards for being a "trier" and having a go with a string of new horses!

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